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Taking a mortgage on is a serious financial commitment. However, in today’s market there are a growing number of short-term mortgage deals available, which means there are many good reasons why it makes sense to remortgage and transfer to a different lender or product regularly. Although it is always advisable you seek independent financial advice from a Mortgage Broker, you will require a conveyancer to assist with the legalities involving a re-mortgage.

Whatever the reason for remortgaging, your bank or building society may sometimes suggest using their approved panel of conveyancing solicitors, Although there is nothing wrong with using the recommended firm, it is always recommended that you obtain independent quotes prior to committing to anyone. Our team of expert Online Conveyancing Solicitors can act on remortgage cases for all the major lenders.

How Does The Remortgaging Process Work
With Online Conveyancing Solicitors?

Step 1

Obtain a Quote

You can obtain a quote using our online calculator or contact us directly via email or telephone.

Step 2

Quote Assessment

Once you have assessed our quote and you are happy to proceed, contact our teamwith your instruction.

Step 3

Further Information

In order to progress your remortgage conveyancing we will need more information, such as confirmation of your ID, and Personal details before we can appoint you a conveyancer.

Step 4

Current Redemption Statement

Your appointed conveyancer will contact your current lender to request a redemption statement which outlines how much is left to pay on the existing mortgage.

Step 5

New Mortgage Offer

Your new mortgage lender will send across a remortgage offer which will be reviewed by your appointed conveyancer. We will then forward you the mortgage deed to sign.

Step 6

Property Search

If your new lender requests it, we may have to carry out searches in and around the property to check on potential local authority, drainage and environmental issues. [read more...]

Step 7

Check Mortgage Conditions

The lending conditions attached to the mortgage offer will have to be met. We will ensure this is the case and confirm this with the lender once completed.

Step 8

Completion Date

A completion date will be set which we will work towards. We inform your new lender and request that the new mortgage funds are delivered on the completion date.

Step 9

Remortgaging Completion

When the day of completion arrives the money will be received by your new lender and we repay the current mortgage, along with any outstanding amount to you.

Step 10

Change the Property Title

Lastly, the previous lender is removed from the title deeds and replaced with the details of the new lender. Once done, we will send you an updated copy for you own records.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of using our remortgaging conveyancing service will depend on a number of factors including property specifics and any searches that may need to be carried out on the property.

However, you can be rest assured that our quotes are completely transparent and will itemise the various charges involved in the transaction. We are always available to discuss your quote in more detail if you need further clarity, as we want you to make an informed decision based on having all of the information you need.

Please also bear in mind however that, when remortgaging a leasehold property, additional fees may be due to the Freeholder or Managing Agent. Your appointed conveyancer will notify you of these costs, once we establish these as part of the conveyancing process.


Why Use Online Conveyancing Solicitors?

Our team are available to help whether you are looking to borrow more money, remortgage to get an improved deal, or simply because your personal circumstances have changed. Our experience of working with the biggest lenders ensures we know how to make the process work efficiently for you. Working with us ensures you are able to enjoy:

  • Free quote based on your individual circumstances
  • Fixed-fees with no hidden surprises
  • Regular updates on your case provided by your dedicated solicitor
  • A trusted service that works for you
  • Jargon-free advice that you can always understand

Quality You Can Trust

Our Online Conveyancing Solicitors are all regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) and so accredited by the Conveyancing Quality Scheme or recognised by the Council for Licensed Conveyancers. This is why our expert solicitors remain listed on the Lender Panels of all the major lending companies, so you are guaranteed a truly unbeatable service.

We have a wealth of combined industry experience in providing remortgage conveyancing across England and Wales. That means all of our solicitors have the knowledge and skills required to deal with any type of situation. We’re friendly and approachable and are always just a phone call or email away to offer our assistance.

Easy and Convenient

As an online conveyancing company we make the process much more convenient and far less stressful for you. Instead of having to find the time for meetings during your busy day, you can handle everything online. Upload documents and get instant updates at any time of the day.

No Fee No Completion

Our service also means you are protected from start to finish. Not only do we hold £2 million in professional indemnity insurance, but if your remortgage falls through for any reason, you will not have to pay our legal fees. That gives you confidence we are always working for you.

Disbursements and third-party costs are still payable if your transaction falls through and our
fixed fee conveyancing quote assumes one standard transaction.

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